We have 3 core integrated businesses.

UC design & development………

We help our customers by providing a user journey centric application design and development solutions.

  1. Because User Experience Matters        
    • Whether you are running mobile, android, iOS, or web application.  User centric experience will give you the extra edge over your competitors.
    • Our data centric user behavior analytic approach will deliver the best possible user journey
    • Our application development team delivers on-time on-budget
    • Using our provisioning and code signing solutions enable hassle free mobile deployment 
  2. Our technology stacks

ddoS protection ………

Application developed is than provisioned over a robust multi-CDN cloud based infrastructure which provide best possible actual access speed. This enhances the overall user experience and also protect our customers’ businesses over malicious ddos attacks.

  1. Our best in class DDoS solutions protect against L3,L4,and L7 DdoS attack of all sizes with no performance impact.
    1. With Multi CDN and auto switching technologies, all malicious requests will be filtered out automatically by our CDNs.

Backed by over 2000 PoPs and over 2000 Tbps capacity, your website will be kept alive even against the largest traffic spike, your website can now sustain DDoS attacks via a multi-terabit-per-second globally distributed network infrastructure

data analytics…

Finally, data points embedded in the systems are analyzed by our data analyst, providing business insights that fuel more business growth.

  1. Data Analytics Platform
    • Successful data analytics provides a clear picture of where you are, where you have been and where you should go.
    • By embedding data points into our customed application, we allows data analysts to empower your business with intelligence that you never knew

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